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 Forum Rules of Conduct

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Forum Rules of Conduct Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules of Conduct   Forum Rules of Conduct EmptyThu Mar 20, 2008 1:38 am

Every user is expected to read, understand, respect, and follow the Rules of Conduct listed below.

The purpose of The Legend of Ares forum is to provide users a place to commune and talk about all things LoA (The Legend of Ares). That having been said, posts that are irrelevant to the game or abusive to users will result in the post being deleted. Other misconduct such as the ones listed below will result in disciplinary action.

-Sexually inappropriate comments
-Hack-related posts
-Violent comments
-Malicious comments
-Discriminatory comments of any kind (race, creed, sexual preference, religious preference, sex, gaming style, or any other form of distinction are included)
-Impersonating an damdage.forummotions employee, or another user
-Advertisement posts
-Spamming(Not Including Spam Caffe lol)
-Slander or Rumors
-Off topic comments (in relevance to the threads)
-Inappropriate forum name
-Restarting of a closed/deleted thread

With that out of the way, damdage.forummotions wishes its guests an enjoyable experience within the forums, and looks forward to hearing what they have to say.


Users remain solely responsible for the posts that they make, and damdage.forummotions does not endorse, sponsor, or support comments made in the post in any way. While we will strive to monitor and take down offensive or inappropriate posts within a reasonable time, please understand that this is a timely and manual process. With real time posts potentially popping up in droves every second, it would be impossibly difficult to review every post as soon as it comes up. damdage.forummotions also reserves the right to delete/lock/relocate any message for any reason whatsoever, and the player agrees to hold damdage,forummotions harmless with regards to any modifications of the account whatsoever. Further restrictions, rules, or codes of conduct may be added to the forum later. Please stay updated with regards to our Rules of Conduct.Every user is expected to read, understand, respect, and follow the Rules of Conduct.

Forum Rules of Conduct DL3
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Forum Rules of Conduct
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